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SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY AND STAY WARM THIS WINTER. EXERCISE AT HOME ONLINE EVERY MON-FRI 6.30 - 7.00 AM. Get one week free Work Well classes and save $25

exercise with us in the studio

  • Clean, light-filled and welcoming
  • Temperature modified for your comfort
  • A wide variety of styles and disciplines for different tastes
  • Covid safe numbers and conditions in operation
  • Skilled, experienced and caring instructors
  • Modifications and props for all levels of experience

exercise with us online

  • Stay warm, stay home and start your day with positive energy.
  • Classes every Monday to Friday 6.30 am - 7.00 am, streamed on Zoom with recordings sent after for your conconvenience
  • Targeted exercises that focus on preparing the mind and body for the working day
  • Inexpensive and convenient at only $10/class, $25/week or $90/month

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what makes us stand out from the crowd?


"These classes are not about what I look like, but the way I feel on the inside, and that's why I keep coming." 


"These classes have transformed the way I feel and the way I move. I can't believe the difference they have made to my life." 


"I love Marisa's class. Thanks to Marisa I have found a balance and strength I didn't know I had. Marisa can explain the movements, their purpose and provide encouragement and laughter all at the same time. I feel stronger and braver after her classes." 


"After a stressful week, it is wonderful to start to relax and breathe properly with a Pilates class on a Friday morning. With balls, mats and bands, the class helps my body and brain wake up, and it makes the weekend so much more fruitful and enjoyable." 


"Marisa is a delight as a blended yoga/pilates instructor. She is friendly and approachable with a great ability to instruct a group with wide-ranging abilities." 


"Centred, stretched and serene after this class. Thank you."


"Fabulous all-over workout and a great way to start the weekend."


"This is my little island of calm in the middle of the week and I adore it. Jess is fantastic at guiding you through the fundamentals and giving context to what you are doing. I love the insights she shares into yoga as a practice and the emphasis on the mat being a safe place to work out all the things you encounter out in the world. Every class also ends with a lovely caring gesture from Jess, which is really touching - a blanket over you, an affirmation, a calming touch or essential oil - so lovely!"


"Sensational! I love JBFit and the gorgeous new studio!"


"I HAVE FOUND MY WEIRD, SWEET, NON-JUDGEMENTAL EXERCISING PEOPLE! I am unashamedly in love with this studio, "Just Believe Fit", the clientelle and their instructors. Not having exercised for too many years to admit to...ok, at least 9. Thinking I was too old to start now (50+), I thought my fitness class options were over. I struggle with studios that are too cool for school, TV's in gyms, blasts of cold aircon, commercial radio makes me want to puke, it bothers me that people all wear the same stuff and that those places smell...weird. So, a friend took me to "Just Believe Fit" in a laneway in Thornbury a few months ago. They have been open for about 18 months now. Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Strength Training amongst other classes. Classes are filled with women and men of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. I am so comfortable there I don't even care what class I join in on (blokeylates...pilates for men is a ripper). Yes I'm female but they don't care. It's inclusive, relaxed, the instructors are great across the board, and it's incredibly good value for money (I joined on an annual one off payment so I go whenever I like). The instructors are as quirky as the clients; classes are 12 or less which is great if exercising in public is daunting at all or if you don't like crowds. Hello. I feel like a better version of myself having found them. Yay."  



"Incredibly energizing way to start the day - Marisa keeps it new and
engaging each week. Love this class!"


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Another 5 stars on top of the 5 stars already! This class
is very grounding and stays with you after the class, so much so that it
made me have the best nights sleep in ages! Cat’s approach is really nice
and you’ll be addicted to the calming vibe it brings."



Here is how we won your vote

I’m loving the classes coming straight into my home. I really appreciate the community Just Believe Fit is keeping together

Ro B, Kew East

I've been taking 30-minute morning Stretch and Strengthen classes with Just Believe Fit ever since the lockdown began. It's been a wonderful way to start my day, with great instruction and a real community feel. I've also taken a couple of Yoga Nidra evening relaxation sessions, which have also been really beneficial. There is a friendliness and level of personal service on offer here that I haven't found anywhere else. Thanks to Marisa and her team.

David Cobb, Alphington

I have been totally enjoying the online exercise classes put together by JBF. They have kept me fit during COVID. They make me feel connected to community in these ISO times. We exercise, have a chat & laugh & that all helps to lift the spirits. The Zoom system is easy to use and the instructors are all very helpful.

Julie Game, Thornbury

I have joined the Just Believe Fit studio as Covid 19 pandemic forced us all indoors so my only experience with Marissa and her team is via Zoom and I love it! I can't imagine leaving the house to go for a work out when I can look grungy in my own home and no-one can see me! I started with the 10 class pass ($10 per class is great value) and have tried a bit of everything but I am hooked on the Chair Barre Cardio sessions that get ones heart rate up and every muscle gets a work out. I also love that we get sent the link to repeat the session in our own time or if the set Zoom time does not suit you on the day you can do it when it best works for you. I have also just signed up for the "Work Well" package - a 30 minute stretch & strengthen express class that I am not ready for at 06.30 am but can do when I get home from work using the link Marisa sends in the morning. Marisa, Lauren and Cat are wonderful instructors with lots of advice on correct technique as we go through the exercises and Marisa has the best retro music ever. Hoping to stay strong and fit for a long time.
Merilyn Bear, Thornbury
It is fabulous to have been able to continue attending the Pilates Flow classes on-line with Just Believe Fit over the challenging shutdown period.  I love the flow and fun of the classes which get me breathing, moving and strengthening my body and ready for the day ahead. They will be a great way for me to continue to focus on health and wellbeing over the coming winter months.
Sally Grey, Viewbank
Having moved to the country recently, I started with Just Believe Fit during the pandemic and was so thankful to start online classes with my former inspirational yoga teacher Cat Lane. I have also been loving the Thursday morning Stretch and Strengthen session with Marisa. Both instructors are passionate, experienced and absolutely lovely. Because the sessions are taped I have normally done the sessions a second or third time which helps me to consolidate the moves that are challenging. I feel so lucky to think that the online sessions will continue. Cat and Marisa help me to start my day in the best possible way.
Jo-Lee Kennedy, Swan Reach
We think a lot about our stomachs whether it be from a nutritional, energy or social aspect, not so much about our other internal bits and pieces. Just Believe Fit morning sessions give joints, muscles, internal organs and blood flow a stretch and strengthen breakfast that feeds and supports them and helps clarify the mind for the day ahead.
Anne Roche, Northcote

Just Believe Fit is not just a place to exercise. It is a vibrant community of people who value genuine interaction with others as part of their well being experience.

We embrace the fact that each day is a new day and everyone who walks through our door is different. We invite you to go with the flow and to mix and match class styles and intensities to suit your individual needs.  In staying true to mindful practice, we encourage you to listen to your body and respond without expectation or judgement. We want you to be comfortable being you and love what  you do.

Just Believe thrives on being part of the Thornbury hub. We support artists by commissioning their work, collaborate with other small businesses, fundraise for charity and even sponsor the Thornbury Bowls Club. 

Let us help you discover a way of moving that you will love...

We offer a full variety of class styles and times,  of different lengths and intensities all designed to suit your  studio or home practice.

We also offer classes on site at your workplace or online for businesses whose employees are working from home.



Our contemporary Pilates classes are for everyone to enjoy. Learn how to tune in to your breath, become centred and strengthen your body for every day life. 


With a strong cardio and strength element, these classes are focussed on improving muscular endurance and body tone but with modifications for all levels of fitness. Utilising the barre for support and props for resistance, these upbeat classes offer a fast effective workout that is achievable for everyone.

Stretch and Fusions

These classes creatively blend Pilates, Yoga and functional training to offer workouts that are filled with variety and can be readily adapted to the specific needs of any given group.  No workout is ever the same so that you can be assured that you will always be challenged to learn something new.


Our yoga classes use breathing techniques, mindfulness and careful instruction to help to improve general health, fitness and wellbeing. Our skilled instructors draw upon a range of yoga styles to best meet the needs of participants on any given day.  




We love helping everyone build and sustain functional fitness and free movement. These day time classes are focussed on the key areas of strength, balance and flexibility which can be challenged as our bodies age.


We fill the Just Believe Fit calendar with a wide range of interesting and informative one-off and ongoing events during the year. Get involved in our community-focussed, annual charity fundraising event, Re-Activate.

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Just Believe Fit is established as a registered Fitness Australia business and also a partner to other organisations that align with our fitness & health values.

Just Believe Fit operates on Wurundjuri country. We acknowledge the Wurundjuri people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional custodians of the Thornbury region and pay our respects to Elders past and present and emerging. We recognise the resilience, strength and pride of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.