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Why Young People NEED Exercise

Movement is now more important than ever for young people. We live in an age where there is a significant and concerning rise in depression and anxiety amongst teens … It has risen in line with a rise in inactivity thanks to the widespread use of devices. Exercise is the best thing to ensure a…

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Roll Back the Clock with Marisa and Bowls Australia

For those of you who wonder what Just Believe Fit’s Marisa gets up to when she is not running Just Believe Fit … here is a little insight… Roll Back the Clock is the result of a Just Believe Fit partnership with Bowls Australia. This program aims to boost physical activity rates among Australians aged 65…

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How You Can Find Your Feel-Good Circle at Just Believe Fit

Research proves it. That’s right, you need connection with others. Your wellness depends on it. Maybe ‘community’ or even ‘tribe’ are overused words. Perhaps we should call it ‘trusted circle’ or ‘support network’. Whatever the term, we are proud to say we do it well at Just Believe Fit. Our welcoming community of people and…

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