Reap the Benefits of a Sunday Evening Relaxation Session

Monday-itis. It’s a thing.

Put in the relaxation time Sunday night, and you’ll reap the benefits Monday morning. There’s no Monday-itis for a start. Starting the week without stress also means you’ll get more done, you’ll feel calmer so you’ll be able to manage anything that comes up. You’ll have a clear head and feel good too.

Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) is a powerful yoga class, but here’s the biggest drawcard: For this yoga session, all you need to do is lie down.

While you rest comfortably, the teacher takes you through a meditation practice. It’s impossible to do this practice incorrectly. Even if you drift off, your subconscious, the deepest part of yourself is still listening.

Proven to reduce stress, the practice leaves you with a sense of wholeness, cultivating multiple layers of wellbeing. You are presented with a golden opportunity to get to know yourself. It’s like relaxation on steroids!

Set your week up right with Just Believe Fit from this Sunday, when our teacher Margarita will guide you through a half-hour Yoga Nidra practice, incorporating the sounds of Tibetan bowls, which are said to improve concentration and ease emotional tensions and blockages.

Beginning Sunday 25 May.
Via Zoom during Covid-19 Isolation.
Book via our website/Studio Bookings and you will be sent a Zoom link prior to the session.

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