At Home with the Family? Why you Need to Get Moving Together

These times can get trying when you’re isolating with the family, trying to juggle working from home, homeschooling and dealing with being cooped up together, cabin fever, and what to have for dinner, let alone fit in some exercise.

Yet the benefits of exercise are many, physical, mental and emotional and if we make the effort and set aside the time, during this isolation period we will reap those benefits.

Then there are benefits of exercising with your kids as well, of course. When we exercise with our kids, we show them exercise is fun! With positive associations and outcomes, we set them up to do exercise for life. Exercising together keeps us active, as well as happy and feeling good. We create those good feelings together.

Children and adolescents should be active for a minimum of 60 minutes a day according to the World Health Organisation, and research shows movement in children can help increase memory, perception, language, attention, emotion and decision-making.

Then there are the benefits of doing our new family friendly classes. For a start it is something new and to do with the kids that keeps them entertained in a time when all our playgrounds are closed, the beach is closed, schools are closed and even play centres are closed. It also burns off some of that excess energy. For the older kids, the Family Zumba class can be their P.E. session for school

And so with a relaunched Jump and Jiggle for the preschoolers and Family Zumba starting this week, we’re declaring this week family friendly week!

We’re launching the all-new Jump and Jiggle with Lauren and Anthony on Thursday 30 April at 10am

Lauren Jimmieson and Anthony Craig are professional performers with a passion for working with children.

Jump and Jiggle is a super fun creative exercise class for littlies and pre-schoolers that will get parents and young children moving together. 30 minutes of high-energy action, fitness and stretching using dance, yoga, and fun stuff! Each week has a different themes to connect movement ideas and provide stimulus for further exploration during the day. A great mid-morning circuit breaker will shake the sillies out and brighten the mood for the rest of the day to come.

Jump and Jiggle with Lauren and Anthony Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am.

Join us for a free class Thursday 30 April by using the promo code FAMILY at the checkout.

Join popular Melbourne Zumba instructor Florencia for half an hour of fun, movement, smiles, and awesome beats. All family members and all ages are welcome to participate in this easy-to-follow class featuring Latin, World rhythms, and top 40 hits.

Family Zumba Fridays at 11am, beginning this Friday!

Children doing Jump and Jiggle

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