Pilates or Yoga? Yoga or Pilates? Do I really need to choose?

Ah, it’s an age-old question. Literally age-old. Both practices as they are today have been around for many, many, many years and have been proven to make a difference to health and wellbeing. Yoga and Pilates are not the same, of course, but they do share some key benefits and complement each other beautifully. It’s […]

6 Reasons You Need to do Stretching and Yoga as well as Strength Workouts

Yoga and stretching help with recovery. Get rid of excess lactic acid and reduce stiffness and soreness in your muscles. The deep breathing in Yoga brings oxygen to your cells and so then your muscles, helping them perform better. Flexibility. Strength training without attention to flexibility can hinder the functionality of your body. Keeping supple […]