6 Reasons You Need to do Stretching and Yoga as well as Strength Workouts

Yoga and stretching help with recovery. Get rid of excess lactic acid and reduce stiffness and soreness in your muscles. The deep breathing in Yoga brings oxygen to your cells and so then your muscles, helping them perform better. Flexibility. Strength training without attention to flexibility can hinder the functionality of your body. Keeping supple […]

How to clean your way out of lockdown lacklustre

Have you ever thought of using cleaning as a motivator for action?
We all have to do it to function in everyday life but cleaning can also be used as a psychological tool to help us become unstuck and get our energy moving, especially during covid lockdowns.

What is the best exercise to do as I get older?

Ageing is not a limitation on exercising, it is simply another criteria to consider in our search for safe, functional and sustainable movement programs. Of course you can exercise and stay in shape as you get older. Of course you can try new programs or different types of exercise. And, of course there are going […]

The best online classes for staying limber in lockdown

With indoor exercise being actively encouraged amid lockdown restrictions, ‘Barre’ as an exercise style is becoming more popular. Why? It is low impact. It incorporates the best of Pilates, Ballet and strength training. It is easy to adapt to a home environment and best of all it is safe and effective. At Just Believe Fit, […]


Do you want to lose weight?

At Just Believe Fit, we believe it’s time for you to start GAINING, not losing. Let us explain. It’s not that you won’t lose weight by starting to move and doing these classes. It’s just we don’t want you to focus on losing when you come to Just Believe Fit. We want you to focus […]

Reclaim YOU and Find Your Inner Spark

RECLAIMING YOU by Jeanette Herrington is a simple wellness guide for health and happiness for women heading past their mid-forties. Easy to read and relate to, this book offers wonderful ‘take what you need’ words of advice and wisdom for our forty-plus sisterhood. Sample an extract from the book here, and find out how you […]

Make Your Mornings Shine

Just Believe Fit instructor Cat Lane reveals how to make your mornings shine…Personally, I can’t help but get a little bit excited when I think about the morning. The first few cracks of sunlight breaking over the horizon, and the sweet sounds of birds singing to each other. I savour the longer, quieter spaces between […]

Don’t Fight a Maturing Body; Celebrate it.

To be given the opportunity to become older is a privilege, not a predicament. So why do we feel the pressure to defy and stave off the process? Do you sometimes look to the past to bemoan what you no longer have in the present? I used to be able to run 10km and then […]

How a small dog taught me the value of mindfulness

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, nor can you teach a slow dog how to go quick. We love our dog to pieces but as much as he adores going outside on adventures, my family don’t jump at the chance to accompany him. As a rescue dog who was found tied up to […]

Making Sure Your Wellness Cup is Full

We want to help you make sure your wellness cup is full, not only through this challenging lockdown time, but always. During lockdown, we have been asking you to share what is helping you to get through this time and stay well. Here are your (and our) tips: Meditation – Suze says it is her […]