strong and stable

No fuss Pilates, Yoga and Functional fitness that challenges the body without stressing the brain. Improve core strength, muscular endurance, standing balance and overall mobility. This class uses a range of props and is adapted to the needs of participants on a given day. All classes are different so you can be assured that you will never get bored and that your body will benefit from learning new skills and exercises.

This class is suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome

fit flow

The best of Pilates and Yoga blended into flowing sequences that will make your body sing and your spirits soar. Build total body strength, coordination and muscular endurance with a mindful focus. A fully rounded workout guaranteed to leave you feeling physically and mentally balanced and calm.

Jem King Creative JBF-11

Simply Stretch and Simply Stretch & SOUND HEALING

A steady paced non-impact class which focuses purely on improving flexibility and ironing out the wrinkles in both mind and body. Utilising breath and slow, sustained flexibility exercises this class is suitable for all levels and particularly beneficial to people who find it difficult to incorporate stretching into their normal fitness routine.

Our Sunday evening Simply Stretch also includes the soothing tones and healing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls. A special treat to draw the weekend to a blissful close.

These classes are suitable for all levels including pre and post natal. Please call ahead of time if you have a health concern you need addressed prior to the class.

Warming Chi Flow


A steady paced movement class using carefully chosen exercises from Qigong and Kung Fu that are recognised for their health giving benefits. This class is designed to improve circulation and nourish the joints for functional mobility. It will hone your coordination, build strength and increase oxygen uptake to leave you feeling warm, balanced and ready for action.

Photo by Alci Alliata on Unsplash

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