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How to Get Motivated to Exercise Early in the Morning

How to Get Motivated to Exercise Early in the Morning

When you make a commitment to exercise every morning, your body will remind you it needs it.
This is the experience of one of Just Believe Fit’s early-morning Zoom exercisers.

When you feel the positive effects in the body (and the mind), that’s when it becomes essential.

Just Believe Fit morning sessions give joints, muscles, internal organs and blood flow a ‘stretch and strengthen breakfast’ that feeds and supports them and helps clarify the mind for the day ahead,” adds Anne, another Just Believe Fit regular.

When your body is reminding you it needs the exercise, it’s easier to commit to regular exercise and make it long-term too.

The benefits of exercising in the morning, and online, are many.

  • You can stay home, which means staying warm and cosy in the Winter months.
  • You save time by not travelling to do exercise, which you can spend on more enjoyable things.
  • You save money because online classes are cheaper.

Just roll out of bed in your pyjamas and you are exercising before you even have time to think about it.

“I can’t imagine leaving the house to go for a work out when I can look grungy in my own home and no-one can see me!” says Merilyn.

And when you feel well, you work well, according to Just Believe Fit founder Marisa Lawlor.

“These pilates and yoga-based classes help improve posture, core-strength, flexibility, mobility, and assist in being mentally and physically ready for the demands of the day! All participants in our online classes report increased levels of energy and alertness. They are tuned in to the needs of their bodies and are able to adjust their posture during the day to offset muscular tension and fatigue.

Instructors Cat and Marisa are “are passionate, experienced and absolutely lovely,” says Jo-Lee Kennedy, who started doing the early morning classes after moving to a new home in Swan Reach, East Gippsland. David agrees. “I’ve been taking 30-minute morning Stretch and Strengthen classes with Just Believe Fit. It’s been a wonderful way to start my day, with great instruction and a real community feel. There is a friendliness and level of personal service on offer here that I haven’t found anywhere else.

1. Be prepared Have your clothes out and room ready with computer, mat and any props you need the night before
2. Stay focussed. It is imperative that you don’t press snooze or interact with your phone when the alarm goes off. Get out of bed and keep moving toward your goal. Remember, the first minute is the hardest. After that, it gets easier with each minute
3. Treat yourself as soon as you get up. We all love a reward, so have a coffee or tea to give you a boost before you start. Better still, have one beside you as you do the class. It’s a bonus. You can’t do that if you are in a real life studio 😉

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