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How You Can Find Your Feel-Good Circle at Just Believe Fit

How You Can Find Your Feel-Good Circle at Just Believe Fit

A trusted circle 😉

Research proves it. That’s right, you need connection with others. Your wellness depends on it. Maybe ‘community’ or even ‘tribe’ are overused words. Perhaps we should call it ‘trusted circle’ or ‘support network’. Whatever the term, we are proud to say we do it well at Just Believe Fit. Our welcoming community of people and staff can be your ‘tribe’ or ‘trusted circle’.

In the past, perhaps the church was more of a central meeting place for people (and still is for some). We live in an age where we might not even know our neighbours’ names. Now we have to look a bit wider for our feeling of community.

And a feeling it is.

There is value in reducing isolation and combatting loneliness. Spending time with people who have similar interests, goals, and outlook can actually make you feel good. It can have a positive effect on your mental health AND physical wellbeing.

We thought you might like to read our goals and core values:

Together we strive to:
ACT with respect for ourselves, others and our environment
VIEW the world through a positive lens
GIVE with generosity of spirit
LEAVE judgment at the door
TEACH with integrity
LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH with passion

We here for your wellness


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