Instructor Spotlight: Get to Know Abby

Abby Knight

Next in our series of spotlights on Just Believe Fit instructors, we get to know Abby a little bit better. Our USA native from Detroit teaches Barre, a special class of Barre especially for teens and the new Dance Fit class, so it’s clear she really loves dancing, but did you know she’s been dancing since the age of 2?! Find out here what she could smash every day, and why she thinks everyone should have their own ‘driving lane’ free of traffic …

When did you first fall in love with dance?
I fell in love with dancing from the age of 2! I’ve been dancing my whole life and even decided to major in dance in college. Once I graduated college I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge of dance and that’s when I started teaching barre classes. I love barre classes because of the mix of dance it brings to each class. When I started teaching barre I knew immediately that it was going to be something that I was going to love for a long time to come.

What is your favourite type of class and why?
Even though barre is my favourite type of class, I love any type of class that gets my heart rate up. I love to get a good sweat in when I am taking a class.

How did you end up teaching?
As I mentioned earlier I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge of dance and that’s how I was introduced to barre classes. I started teaching barre classes back in the States and I’m so excited I get to continue teaching here in Australia.

What is your funniest teaching moment?
This is a tough one. I feel like I do something funny almost every class (or at least I seem to think so). I guess one of the funniest moments I have had while teaching is coming up with a punch line and it seems to fall flat because everyone is so concentrated on what they are doing…guess more embarrassing than funny!

What is your favourite post-class meal?
I like to work out in the morning, so avocado smash is always my go-to. I could eat it every single day!

Favourite snack?
I love snacking…hummus and veggies, almonds, rice cakes with almond butter, and maybe some dark chocolate 🙂

What is the biggest thing you have learned that has changed your life?
Recently I have finally learned to be secure in who I am. It’s hard growing up as a dancer and staring at yourself in a mirror for multiple hours a day. I’ve learned that there is truly only one of you so enjoy who you are. Life is way too short to get caught up in trying to be someone or something you aren’t, so celebrate yourself. Once you can let go and enjoy that confidence, life is a lot more fun.

What is your personal mantra?
I have found a quote that I love and tell myself daily:
“Everyone has their own lane, maintain yours … there’s less traffic and no speed limit”

What is something about you that people wouldn’t know?
Hmmm … I would have to say either that I’m an only child, or the only other place that I’ve travelled besides America is here: Australia. If I can conquer a 15-hour flight, I can fly anywhere!

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