Instructor Spotlight: Get to Know Eve

Yoga teacher Eve White teaches at Just Believe Fit

We are loving having Eve back from New Zealand and teaching yoga at Just Believe Fit again. JBF director Marisa says her classes are “as velvety as melted chocolate”. Get along to one soon if you haven’t been. (She is teaching Tuesday 6pm yoga.) As well as yoga training, she also has a Masters in Human Nutrition and a nursing background and has an East meets West philosophy when it comes to wellbeing. Find out more about Eve by reading this, the latest in our instructor spotlights…

When did you first fall in love with yoga?
I fell in love with yoga when I was 18 (many moons ago). I went along with a friend to a little community hall and tried out a class. I was hooked when I found out about the “nap” / savasana at the end.

Favourite type of class and why?
My favourite class is yin/yang. It’s the perfect balance of effort and ease! You start with some cosy yin shapes, work into a flow, and finish with yin. It’s bliss!

How did you end up teaching?
I had a friend tragically pass away and it was a big wake up call for me about the fragility of life. It made me question what I really wanted to do with my time here and my answer was a clear: “teach yoga”. So I dived in and have never looked back.

Funniest teaching moment?
Once I burped in class and just kept going as if it didn’t happen. I hoped that no one noticed but at the end of my class, my best friend who was practising, and I had a big chuckle about it! I think it’s good to keep the practice light and not take yourself too seriously.

Favourite post-class meal?
Hmmm if it’s the morning I would go out for coffee and if it’s evening I would reach for a soothing tea. I tend not to eat too close to class.

Favourite snack?
Favourite snack is usually a handful of nuts, coconut yoghurt or maybe a carrot! Again I’m not a huge snacker. I am trying to eat more mindfully and enjoy my 3 meals a day.

What is the biggest thing you have learned that has changed your life?
That it’s not what happens to us but how we respond to it that matters. Life will always contain both joys and stressors so to stay in a place of equanimity (peace) through whatever comes my way is my aim.

What is your personal mantra?
Let me be a vessel for the pure love of God to shine through 🙂

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