Instructor Spotlight: Get to Know Paul

A native to the northside of Melbourne, Paul has always had a strong sense of connection to the local community. His ancestors migrated from North-Eastern Italy to Brunswick and Northcote, and Paul grew up in Preston. Currently living in Thornbury, he is delighted to be of service to the local community at Just Believe Fit. Paul […]

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Jen

Jen Kisbey completed her Cert IV in Yoga Teaching (600hrs) in 2020. She aims to provide informed guidance and inspiration, sharing yoga in a judgment-free and loving space. By teaching with humour and humility, Jen focuses on helping people experience the gifts of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-understanding in her classes, ultimately opening pathways to feeling […]

Pilates or Yoga? Yoga or Pilates? Do I really need to choose?

Ah, it’s an age-old question. Literally age-old. Both practices as they are today have been around for many, many, many years and have been proven to make a difference to health and wellbeing. Yoga and Pilates are not the same, of course, but they do share some key benefits and complement each other beautifully. It’s […]

6 Reasons You Need to do Stretching and Yoga as well as Strength Workouts

Yoga and stretching help with recovery. Get rid of excess lactic acid and reduce stiffness and soreness in your muscles. The deep breathing in Yoga brings oxygen to your cells and so then your muscles, helping them perform better. Flexibility. Strength training without attention to flexibility can hinder the functionality of your body. Keeping supple […]

How to Discover the Joy of Exercise As You Get Older

Have you reached an age where you would like to focus more on the benefits of exercise to keep your body fit and free moving? Do you need a bit of help to get going? We invited our regular Mature Movers at Just Believe Fit to share ideas on what motivates them and what advice […]

How to clean your way out of lockdown lacklustre

Have you ever thought of using cleaning as a motivator for action?
We all have to do it to function in everyday life but cleaning can also be used as a psychological tool to help us become unstuck and get our energy moving, especially during covid lockdowns.

Four benefits of doing exercise classes when you are over 60

Over 60? Wondering whether exercise classes will benefit you? Yes, they will! And not only physically, but mentally too. We asked our Just Believe Fit Mature Movers what benefits they have experienced from doing exercise classes. Here are the four key reasons. Enhance your experience of life When Anne retired recently, she thought she would […]

What is the best exercise to do as I get older?

Ageing is not a limitation on exercising, it is simply another criteria to consider in our search for safe, functional and sustainable movement programs. Of course you can exercise and stay in shape as you get older. Of course you can try new programs or different types of exercise. And, of course there are going […]

8 Reasons to Do Online Pilates Classes

Exercise with band

At Just Believe Fit, we have been offering Pilates and other online classes during Melbourne’s various lockdowns (so many!) In the beginning, it was just a stop-gap until we could get back into the studio, but then we discovered the many benefits of online classes… 1. The Cost Savings This is a no-brainer. It’s cheaper to pay for online Pilates classes […]