Online Classes

We Help You Feel Well To Work Well

Early Morning Online classes to get you set up for your working day 6.30 am - 7 am

Tuesday: Strength & Stability

Friday: Stretch and Pilates


Early Evening classes to get you set up for a relaxing evening 6.00 pm - 6.30 pm

Wednesday: Pilates Express Stability

Thursday: Strong and Stable

$11 per casual class or purchase 10 classes to use within a month for only $50

Our experience of Covid 19 in 2020 changed the face of the Australian workforce. Whether at working from home or in the office, we have realised the importance of exercise in maintaining our mental and physical health and wellbeing. To keep moving forward we need to stay strong, fit and resilient.

Just Believe Fit continues to deliver classes online via ZOOM as a TIME SAVING and COST EFFECTIVE way of fitting exercise into a busy schedule.

A regular and consistent exercise routine helps people cope with extended periods of sedentary desk-based work or just the demands of everyday living.

Our WORK WELL program consists of 30-minute online express classes held live two  mornings and two evenings   sent to you as a recording to do again or at a time that fits with your timetable.

These classes are full of variation and use Pilates, Stretching, Yoga and Functional Fitness exercises for maximum benefit.

With a focus on being accessible to non-exercisers as well as the more experienced, they are easy to follow and have modifications for different skill levels.

In addition to the physical benefits of improving blood flow around the bodyreleasing tension in neck and shoulders and mobilising the hips and lower back, the mental benefits are essential to general wellbeing. Classes give participants an opportunity to tune in, become mindful and create the clarity and calm needed to work well.