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Paralympian Lisa’s Just Believe Fit Journey

Paralympian Lisa’s Just Believe Fit Journey

Meet Lisa. The Northcote resident, a wheelchair basketball player who was part of the silver medal-winning Australian team at the 2004 Summer Paralympics, has been bringing her razor-sharp wit to entertain us at Just Believe Fit — I mean she has been coming to work out — and has already noticed the difference in her day-to-day life.

“The sessions have made daily living easier, helping with things like pushing the wheelchair and lifting in and out of the chair. “It’s never been hard but it was easier when I was younger; so now it’s good to be back to where it should be.”

Lisa, who also plays a bit of tennis, does wheelchair dancing, and works as an occupational therapist, has been coming along for six weeks. She trains with Cat twice a week, with one session in the week cardio-based, and the other strength-based.

And she hasn’t looked back. “I took some long service leave. I would always say I was too busy before, but I ran out of excuses. I thought it’s now or never!”

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