‘Pilates Flow’ is the signature class of Marisa (founder of JBFit) and draws together all of the elements of her mind body training and philosophy.  It underpins the majority of mat Pilates classes at Just Believe Fit. Grounded in Pilates principles  (Breath, Centering, Concentration, Control, Fluidity, Isolation, Precision) each class is built through layers of connected movement. Participants are given options to stay or progress at each level according to their needs or abilities on any given day. Pilates Flow will help you separate you from the outside world and focus on nourishing your mind and body. 



Moving at a slightly slower pace than Pilates Flow, this class focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Pilates and establishing sound technique. The perfect class to help you understand the way you can adapt Pilates to work with your individual needs. It is non-impact exercise that combines strength, flexibility, mobility and co-ordination.  Expect to feel the challenge of working your body in new ways and with concentrated energy. This class is also recommended for those wanting to refine their skills and technique to get more out of their regular Pilates workout.



Weights and props will be your new best friend during this class. Challenge yourself to build strength and fitness with lots of variety; never do the same exercise twice! With short rest intervals scheduled into the class structure you’ll be able to catch your breath and perform exercises at your peak. This is extremely beneficial for your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and just makes you feel good about your workout.
Let’s build our fitness together!.



Fast-paced 30-minute classes designed to develop body awareness from the inside out and the control to build strength, flexibility and an injury-resistant core. All classes start with breath awareness, postural alignment and deep abdominal engagement to set a sound base for newbies to this style of exercise. Props such as Pilates Circles, weights, bands and balls are used with exercises to add resistance, whilst focusing on precision and control.  Progressions and modifications are given for all exercises as required.


A strong and flowing mat Pilates class that focusses on releasing back tension before progressively building core strength. 

Feel the benefits as you create functional postural awareness to support you through everyday life.