Melissa Mackey


These classes are not about what I look like, but the way I feel on the inside and that’s why I keep on coming.

Sarah Coffey


I love Marisa’s class. Thanks to Marisa I have found a balance and strength I didn’t know I had. Marisa can explain the movements, their purpose and provide encouragement and laughter all at the same time. I feel stronger and braver after her classes.

Eliza Hope


These classes have transformed the way I feel and the way I move. I can’t believe the difference they have made to my life.

Janice Lucas


After a stressful week, it is wonderful to start to relax and breathe properly with a Pilates class on a Friday morning. With balls, mats and bands, the class helps my body and brain wake up and it makes the weekend so much more fruitful and enjoyable.

Katela Chrisanthopoulos and Jill Byrnes

2015 Fun Day Fete Coordinators

We were privileged to have Marisa volunteer her time and run several “Move and Groove” workshops at the 2015 Batman Park Fun Day Fete. She ran a series of workshops for both parents and children involving a mix of yoga, Pilates and dance. Marisa is a wonderfully enthusiastic and inspiring instructor with an unparalleled ability to motivate and encourage families to have fun through movement. Marisa’s warm and extremely energetic approach gave both children and parents alike the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and enjoy all that “Move and Groove” had to offer on Fun Day. Thank-you Marisa for inspiring fun in families, we wish you every success with your programs, and look forward to you being involved in our Fun Day in 2016!

Fiona Martin


Marisa is a fantastic instructor, motivating, knowledgeable and uplifting. I love her classes because they have strengthened and sculpted my body post children and each class leaves me focused and energised. I’ve been taking classes with Marisa for over eight years and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. She’s a natural.

Tim Rolfe


I always feel fantastic after one of Marisa’s classes and really like the combination of yoga and Pilates. Highly recommended.

NIkki Domeney


Marisa is one of a kind, she has an amazing ability to allow everybody to feel part of a group yet connect with them individually to ensure they are experiencing the best kind of work out for them and their needs. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing, with some laughing. Marisa is a pure professional at her craft, understanding just what the body needs and how it works to ensure you walk away feel stretched, strong and special.

Laura Venus


A really enjoyable class that offers a great all over body workout. I love it.

Mel White


I just feel so much better afterwards. I float out of class!

Andrew Bowden


Marisa is a great teacher and works hard to engage with all the members of the class in a lighthearted and interesting manner which helps to drive you to doing the hard work. The exercises that I have done in her class have really helped with engaging more of my core whilst running which has made it easier to perform at a higher level and the stretching has really helped during post run and supplementing general fitness. I look forward to many more years of fun core work!

Liz Gooden

Public Record Office Victoria

Marisa is a delight as a blended yoga/Pilates instructor. She is friendly and approachable with a great ability to instruct a group with wide ranging abilities.

Tracy Horsburgh

Business Analyst, Decision Support

The classes were fantastic and I found them really beneficial. I had some pain in
my hip and lower back and this was significantly reduced after the right
stretches. I felt calm and energised after the classes and was productive and
happy in my work afterwards. It was nice to meet some staff from other areas of
the hospital. The classes were the right level of energy, certainly energising but
not too much, I wouldn’t want to have to shower afterwards given the work time
constraints. The classes focus a lot on spinal mobility and I found this fantastic as I
often have back trouble. I definitely felt happier and more focused on the days
that I did these classes.

Courtney Caligiore

Curriculum Leader, Early Learning Centre

Stretch, Strengthen and Energise has been an amazing addition to my working
day, both physically and mentally. I am desk bound for the majority of the day, so
allowing myself time to dedicate to movement throughout the day made me less
stiff, improved my posture and made me more alert. Mentally however, it was
permission to switch off for a short period of time to dedicate to myself,
processing the morning I had, and prepare for the remainder of the day. I rarely
have scheduled breaks, so a commitment such as this was needed to ensure that I
could maintain productivity for the duration of the day.
Marisa is fabulous at judging the skill level of participants, and catering each
session for a range of abilities. The exercises are teamed with reflective music and
rhythmic breathing, so it is a holistic program that encompasses the mind and

Christine Ellem


This is my little island of calm in the middle of the week & I adore it. Jess is fantastic at guiding you through the fundamentals & giving context to what you’re doing. I love the insights she shares into yoga as a practice & the emphasis on the mat being a safe place to work through all the things you encounter out in the world. Every class also ends with a lovely caring gesture from Jess which is really touching - a blanket over you, an affirmation, calming touch or essential oil - so lovely!

Amanda Wild


Fabulous all over workout and a great way to start the weekend.

Lucy Anderson


Sensational! I love JBFit and the gorgeous new studio!

Melinda Randall


Centred, stretched and serene after this class. Thank you.

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