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The best online classes for staying limber in lockdown

The best online classes for staying limber in lockdown

With indoor exercise being actively encouraged amid lockdown restrictions, ‘Barre’ as an exercise style is becoming more popular. Why?

It is low impact. It incorporates the best of Pilates, Ballet and strength training. It is easy to adapt to a home environment and best of all it is safe and effective.

At Just Believe Fit, we have become very creative in our Barre classes. We use a chair or bench instead of a Barre and props that you can find around the home if you don’t have your own set of weights and therabands.

We have a fantastic range of classes that are used to target different needs.

If you want a strong workout with lots of repetitions to build both cardio and muscular strength then CARDIO BARRE is the perfect choice. If you want and all over workout that your can sustain for 45 minutes and won’t tie your brain in knots then go with BARRE FOR ALL. Those of you who are desperate for a stretch after sitting at a desk all day will delight in BARRE STRETCH EXPRESS. And everybody loves getting a sweat up with BARRE WEIGHTS AND FITNESS which uses elements of interval training to keep the workout fast and effective.

The rewards of barre classes are plentiful. Longer, leaner muscles, improved posture, balance, core strength and abs and thighs of steel!

What’s more, our online chair barre classes are fun and inclusive.

Chairs offer fantastic support for people with balance or mobility issues. We have adapted our Barre Yoga Basics, Strength and Stability and Find Your Groove into classes that utilise the chair in the similar ways as you would use a barre.

It gives our participants freedom and confidence in movement and allows them to participate safely in our online classes.

If you want to emerge from lockdown feeling stronger and fitter then it’s time to add a chair ‘Barre’ class to your virtual workout schedule.

And if you love it online, wait till you try it in the studio.

We here for your wellness


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