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8 Reasons to Do Online Pilates Classes

8 Reasons to Do Online Pilates Classes

At Just Believe Fit, we have been offering Pilates and other online classes during Melbourne’s various lockdowns (so many!) In the beginning, it was just a stop-gap until we could get back into the studio, but then we discovered the many benefits of online classes…

1. The Cost Savings

This is a no-brainer. It’s cheaper to pay for online Pilates classes than in-person classes. During lockdown, one week of live, streamed Pilates, which also includes access to all the Just Believe Fit classes, costs $30. Usually, one class at the studio would cost you around $30. Try a class for free, then do classes for $10 per class. See the specials here…

2. The Convenience

Working out at home or wherever you are is much more convenient than having to travel to a gym or a studio. You don’t need to worry about organising someone to watch your kids, the extra time needed to get there, the parking, carrying around your workout clothes, etc. It makes so much sense, particularly if you live far away from a gym or studio. You can do online classes from anywhere! Plus, you can do an online class in your pyjamas if you like, shower in your own time, and do the class in the comfort of your own home.

3. No Full Classes

Sometimes life just gets in the way and you finish up missing or running late for the Pilates class you’ve already purchased. Or worse, you realise you’ll make it to a Pilates class then you get there to check-in and it’s already full. Since live, streamed Pilates classes are shorter (between 30-45 minutes) they will easily fit into a busy day.

4. Avoid Intimidation

Exercising publicly can be intimidating. Doing classes online from home eliminates this fear and may actually improve your self-esteem for when or if you do work out in public. Even with Zoom classes, you can always turn off your video. Just Believe Fit specialises in avoiding intimidation. Its catchcry is “No blitz, no burn, no bootcamp!” Everyone is welcome and everyone is made to feel comfortable.

5. Do the Pilates Classes in Your Own Time!

Get a recorded version of the class to do in your own time. Just book into your chosen class, and the instructor will email a link to the recorded class following the class. Alternatively, sign up as a member to get access to Just Believe Fit’s bank of recorded classes. There are dozens you can do in your own time.

6.There are Plenty of Classes

So many classes, with a choice of instructors. You will never get bored because every class is different! There is a wide variety of classes held every day to suit your ability, mood and energy level.

7.The Instructors Know Their Stuff

Just Believe Fit’s instructors are certified and experienced, so you’re in good hands.

8. Your Community is Still There

You still get to see all the people you would usually see at the studio on Zoom! It might not be as good, but it allows you to keep in contact with your community. If you are new to the classes, you’ll meet like-minded people online.

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