The Value of Online Pilates

Online workout classes have become popular of late, for obvious reasons.
There are many benefits, ranging from saving money … to not having to shower! Today we will walk you through all of the reasons why you should do Pilates online.

Let’s dive in!

1. The Cost Savings

This is a no-brainer. It’s cheaper to pay for online Pilates classes than in-person classes. One month of live, streamed Pilates, which also includes access to all the Just Believe Fit classes, costs $30. Usually, one class at the studio will cost you around $30.

2. The Convenience

Working out at home or wherever you are is much more convenient than having to travel to a gym or a studio. You don’t need to worry about organising someone to watch your kids, the extra time needed to get there, the parking, carrying around your workout clothes, etc. It makes so much sense, particularly if you’ve got a young family or live in the country.

3. No Full Classes

Sometimes life just gets in the way and you finish up missing or running late for the Pilates class you’ve already purchased. Or worse, you realise you’ll make it to a Pilates class then you get there to check in and it’s already full. Since live, streamed Pilates classes are shorter (between 30-45 minutes) they will easily fit into a busy day.

4. Avoid Intimidation

I know for a few people exercising publicly is often really intimidating. Doing classes online from home eliminates this fear and may actually improve your self-esteem for when or if you do work out publicly.

5.Follow an idea

Alots of Pilates websites have plans you’ll follow online (including Pilates on Demand Series or our Monthly Challenges). These allow you the mental space to not need to worry about which class to try to to next and are great to stay you motivated and on track!

6.There are plenty of Classes

You will never get bored because new classes are added all the time. At Pilates on Demand, we’ve a replacement class beginning hebdomadally and that we organize the classes by fitness level, duration, part and dates so you’ll make certain the category you select is strictly what you’re trying to find .

7.The Instructors Know Their Stuff

Most paid online Pilates sites have certified instructors teaching so you recognize you’re getting to be in safe hands. We pride ourselves in having educated teachers so you’ll follow along reception as if you were during a class setting.

8. Accountability Groups

I love these groups because it recreates the accountability and friendship you’d often find during a class setting but reception . i’m so pleased with our accountability group that we’ve built through our free and paid challenges. These women are loving and supportive and it’s with great care amazing to be a neighborhood of such an awesome group!

9. You Don’t need to Take a Shower After

Ok this one might sound insignificant, but let me tell you – since having a baby, having a shower may be a privilege. i’m lucky to urge in there before 4pm. understanding from home means you don’t need to shower after if you don’t want to (or just can’t).

10. You Don’t need to Wash Your Hair

Ok so this is often more specific to Pilates, but because it’s lower impact you don’t get as sweaty and thus, you don’t got to wash your hair after your workout. almost like number 9, hair washing for ladies (at least for me) are some things I dread doing and avoid it just like the plague. So if I can get an honest workout in without having to scrub my hair, then i’m one happy camper

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