Try this Class for an All Over Mind Body and Soul Workout

Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash

The pairing of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Chi Flow might have you scratching your head, but come along and you will discover it’s a perfect match.

You might be familiar with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) by now. It intersperses short bursts of intense activity with rest periods. It’s been having its heyday, and with good cause. We live such hectic lives these days, so being able to fit a workout in 30 minutes is attractive, and HIIT is a very efficient workout.

Turns out this high-energy class of short, intense activity bursts is better for you than a long steady-paced run, improving your aerobic capacity in a short time frame.

It helps raise your metabolism and improve cardio function. Studies have shown that high-intensity cardio —the kind that leaves you out of breath—raises your metabolic rate to the point where you continue to burn calories even after the session ends—as much as six to fifteen percent more.

You need some yin to balance out your yang, and that’s where the chi flow comes in. This part of the class works on improving chi (energy) flow, and enhancing your health and wellbeing. Relieve tension and restore energy in this half of the class.

This class is high energy but very achievable with options given for all levels. Give it a try Tuesday nights 7pm-8pm with Paul.

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