Feel well, work well

It's not rocket science...the way you feel affects the way you work.

And we want you to be empowered to feel well all of the time.

Just Believe Fit can customise health and wellbeing programs to suit the specific needs of your workplace.

We offer a free consultation to determine the best ways to achieve your desired outcome.

These are often focussed on

  • counteracting the physical effects of being sedentary and desk based for extended periods of time
  • improving general strength and flexibility for staff
  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • enhancing positive relationships within the workplace
  • making staff feel valued and appreciated

Our range of services can include:

  • Education sessions on mobilisation, stretching and postural alignment to prevent prevent muscular strain and tension
  • Simple effective mind body strategies for staff to stay alert, focused and productive during the work day
  • Re-energising stretching sessions for participants at meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Ongoing lunchtime or after hours pilates/yoga/stretch classes onsite or at our Just Believe Fit studio in Thornbury


In 2016 Creature Technology Co. enlisted Marisa to start offering pilates classes to our staff one morning a week before work. It has been easy to see the benefits for the physical and mental wellbeing of those staff who have taken it up – including for myself personally. Staff are very appreciative that we have adopted Just Believe Fit’s program as it demonstrates that we are a management team that cares, and we have certainly noticed increased productivity/reduced absenteeism among the regular attendees. I have no doubt that it has been well worth the investment.

Tim RolfeGeneral Manager


For the past 6 months, my workplace has had Marisa deliver pilates/yoga sessions for staff. I love that I can do a session before I leave the office for the day, and it keeps me focused to finish off my tasks for the day so I can attend the session. We have people from across the business attend, and I have got to know my co-workers who I dont' work closely with. Marisa does a fantastic job mixing up the sessions, and I love the "props" we use - the ball, the steering wheel - it keeps it fresh and interesting. I am very pleased that halfway into the second semester, I can now sit cross legged on the floor pre-school style, which I have not been able to do for a long time, and my leg strength for cycling has improved out of site. Thank you Marisa!


First time in 2 years that I stretched that much! Marisa was very engaging and enthusiastic – captured my attention!! It was great do “do” something, rather than listen/watch things.  Will definitely be practising this regularly.

Travancore Staff PD Feedback

I was particularly pleased with how the exercises were tailored to undoing the specific work that we do day in day out.
It was great you came through to assessed our workplace and design exercises that are practical to perform in our work environment with the time constraints in mind.
I thoroughly enjoyed our session and left feeling relaxed and empowered on looking after my physical wellbeing to continue doing what love doing.
A big thank you from St Vincents Private Radiology team!

Marisa is a very skilled and experienced teacher in enhancing staff well-being by combining mental and physical activity to harmonise the mind and body in the context of every day activity in the workplace.




Simple, fun, adaptable exercises – after doing some of these exercises behind the desk feeling revitalised, energetic, and more focused.


This was very enjoyable, better than the standard mindfulness that we usually do. The movement was great, and didn’t look at the clock once! (not usual)

Travancore PD Staff Feedback

Stretch, Strengthen and Energise has been an amazing addition to my working day, both physically and mentally. I am desk bound for the majority of the day, so allowing myself time to dedicate to movement throughout the day made me less stiff, improved my posture and made me more alert. 

Marisa is fabulous at judging the skill level of participants, and catering each session for a range of abilities. The exercises are teamed with reflective music and rhythmic breathing, so it is a holistic program that encompasses the mind and body.


Excellent wellbeing session – practical and supportive of our physical and mental health. Thank you Marisa

Travancore Staff PD feedback

Empower your staff to stay fit and well at work

Whether it is a single stretch session at a conference or staff meeting to get your employees energised or an extended program of pilates and yoga fitness classes for a specific cohort, Just Believe Fit can get you moving in the right direction.

Feel well, work well, be well!

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