Workplace Wellness

A health and wellbeing program is a priority investment that yields
a happy staff and a productive workplace

The cost to society of chronic disease, mental health issues and the ageing population is creating an imperative for positive action to be taken by employers in the workplace. Longer sedentary working hours, national economic strain, global conflict and crises are just some of the factors that are having a major impact on the health and wellbeing of employees. At a time when budgets are strained and belts are being tightened, the importance of health and wellbeing initiatives becomes even greater. .

Our aim is to help you, as an employer, design a program that suits the specific needs of your business and your budget.

After a FREE CONSULTATION AND WORK PLACE ASSESSMENT we work together to design a program to meet your wellness goals. With lots options including staff coaching, mindfulness and meditation sessions,  fitness classes, educational seminars/workshops presented in-person or online, you can be guaranteed to find the mix that suits your specific needs. You could also subsidise passes for your staff to access our online program or live classes.

Customised daily or weekly exercise sessions focus on:

  • Goal setting and coaching for improved wellbeing
  • Counteracting the physical effects of being sedentary and desk-based for extended periods of time
  • Improving general strength and flexibility
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Guided Mindfuness and Meditation for mental clarity and focus
  • Maintaining a sense of connection between colleagues while working from home
  • Raising morale by helping staff feel valued and appreciated

Other online services can include:

  • Education sessions on mobilisation, stretching and postural alignment to prevent prevent muscular strain and tension
  • Simple effective mind body strategies for staff to stay alert, focused and productive during the work day
  • Re-energising stretching sessions for participants during extended meetings and webinars
  • Guided Mindfulness and Meditation sessions

Our bespoke classes and workshops are carefully designed to address the needs of your business

We Deliver Education And Training In Simple Strategies
to Help Empower Staff To Take Control Of Their Wellbeing

Teaching simple strategies for upper body mobility. Radioligy conference Melbourne
Re-energising participants at the Fresh Networking Business Conference
Just Say 'R' Wellness Presentation to RCH nurses on how to manage energy during their working shifts

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