The more we live, the more we learn, the more we learn, the more we live.

And when we live and learn together the growth is immeasurable.

Just Believe Fit is not another gym or purist boutique fitness studio. It is an active learning environment where you can get to know your body and how to make friends for life. We are proud to be part of the Northern hub and we thrive on building community and collaborating with other small businesses who share our values.

This is why in addition to physical fitness classes we offer regular workshops, courses and seminars with specialist instructors and well-being practitioners by invitation. We aim to provide information that is useful and immediately applicable to everyday living. We organise regular events that give our participants and other northern locals an opportunity to come together in the spirit of good will.


We kick off our new Saturday 8.30am yoga with a four-week detox series.
This mindful yoga flow with teacher Margarita Gallego will focus on detoxification and digestion so you can cleanse for Christmas! Get rid of toxins with this class that has added focus on twists and detoxifying breathing practices, and learn different detoxification tips every week.
Don't miss any of this valuable information (and get a discount) by signing up for all four sessions of this detox series, or book in for individual sessions. The classes will run Saturday 2nd November, Saturday 9th November, Saturday 16th November and Saturday 23rd November.
Bookings essential.

Jem King Creative - JBF-5


Can you think of a better way to end your working week? It's happy hour with a difference!
Join us every Friday at 6.15 pm when Phil from Bespoke Wines and Spirits shares his red and white tasting choices and Marisa puts them to good use with some carefully chosen flexibility exercises. Take up the generous discount offers at Phil's  store after the class and keep the fun rolling out through the weekend.
Bookings absolutely essential.

Sip and Stretch at Just Believe Fit Wellness Studio Thornbury Northcote Preston East Brunswick


Children’s Music Class (0-5yrs).
Experience the joy of making music.
Thornbury owned & operated with a locally developed program, we use unique songs that are written to guide kids towards primary school and individual instruments. Learn songs that you can sing at home, play instruments that lead to learning at school and move to music with expression and joy.
Bookings Essential.
The Musical Mind at Just Believe Fit

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