vinyasa yoga classes

yoga flow and YOGA FOR ALL

Nourishing and nurturing for mind, body and soul!
Connect to your breath, find your centre and tune in to the needs of your body on any given day.
All of our yoga classes focus on setting up a sound base and taking the time and attention to establish and hone good technique.
Yoga for All caters specifically for beginners if they are present in the class.
With modifications given as necessary for all poses, the build up and flow of these classes make them suitable for new and experienced yogis alike. Our aim is to help you appreciate and honour your body's unique capacity and leave you feeling strong, balanced, warm on the inside with a little perspiration to cool you on the outside!
Your teacher is skilled at providing plenty of options to suit your level but it is important to communicate any conditions or concerns prior to the start of the class.
We do recommend that you wear a few layers that can be removed or added as the class progresses.

Morning Yoga Flow

Wake up with a delicious yoga flow that will prepare your mind and body for all that the day has to offer. Breathe to send fresh oxygen around the body and feel the blood warming your joints and muscles. You will leave the class with a clear focus that will help you capitalise on your time and energy and make you the person that everyone wants to be around!

yoga flow

Yin Yoga / Tibetan Sound Bowl Meditation

Yin Yoga is a gentle form of yoga which is also restorative but with less emphasis on the use of props. Again, poses are held for an extended period of time, to allow the body and mind to completely unwind. Each class includes a simple meditation and relaxation techniques. In this fast-paced world, people find it hard to slow down enough to rest and replenish. Yin Yoga assists people to be still and restore their equilibrium to cope with the demands of everyday living.

On Wednesday evenings your Yin Yoga practice will be enhanced a Tibetan Sound Bowls Meditation.  Meditation is the foundation of mind-body health. The singing bowl's unique tones enables listeners to easily enter the deep meditative brainwave states of theta and delta. It is in these brainwave states that we achieve our highest healing potential for both physical and mental health by re-engaging our mind body connection. Regular meditation can also be used to quantum manifest healing.

Find out more about  Sound Energy Practitioner Margarita Gallego on instagram magarita_yogaflow 


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