Your Favourite Local Businesses Want to Help you  Get FARROFIT During Lockdown

Your Favourite Local Businesses Want to Help you Get FARROFIT During Lockdown

Pizza Farro and Just Believe Fit are joining forces to make staying fit and healthy easy during lockdown.

Delicious, nourishing wholefoods + fun accessible online exercise = FARROFIT

Buy a class pass or package at Just Believe Fit and get 15% off your Pizza Farro Thornbury food order

Order from the Pizza Farro Thornbury menu and get $10 off your Just Believe Fit online class pass or class package purchase

FARROFIT is a collaboration between Pizza Farro and Just Believe Fit to help keep our local community focussed on maintaining their health during lockdown in Melbourne.

“We care about our local community. So this is an incentive to stay healthy during this time, as well as encourage people to support local businesses,” Just Believe Fit Founder Marisa says.

“Together we are offering generous discounts on purchases to encourage people to make the choices that will optimise their wellbeing during this challenging time.”

“We all know wellness is important, but it’s even more imperative to focus on wellness during this time of Covid-19 and its accompanying isolation and lockdown. Mental health, as well as physical health, can suffer if we don’t pay attention. We want to optimise wellness and our immune system so we can decrease stress and anxiety, reduce the risk of illness, and ensure positive interactions and emotions. Exercise, stress relief and nutrition are important in the quest for wellness and a strong immune system. We want you to know, we’ve got you covered.”

Pizza Farro is not your usual local pizza joint.
Just Believe Fit is not your usual local gym.

Pizza Farro encourages people to make conscious choices with food. Pizza Farro has created an alternative way to enjoy modern italian food, using the benefits of the organic ancient grain, spelt, as their signature. It has a nutty flavour, high nutritional value and is a nourishing alternative to wheat. While spelt is not gluten free, it has been proven to be a gentler, less bloating alternative to wheat grains. One reason for this is its high fibre content, which makes it easier to digest the gluten, as well as helping to lower cholesterol.
Spelt is high in B vitamins, manganese and mineral magnesium and also contains vitamin E, potassium and iron. It is a high source of protein and is good for your blood and bones! Its molecular makeup and lower glycemic index helps your body digest the grain slowly, resulting in slow-release energy. (They also offer vegan and gluten-free options.)

Just Believe Fit encourages people to make conscious choices with exercise. No blitz, no burn, no bootcamp! Just the best mix of mindbody exercise for sustainable fitness and wellbeing. With Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Dance, Strength and Stability, and Mindful Movement, that mindbody exercise includes classes every day of the week, in the morning and the evening.

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