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Just Believe Fit is one of Thornbury’s most-loved wellness studios, providing Pilates classes to the local area. The Pilates classes are part of a diverse offering of wellness classes, including Yoga, Barre, stretch and strengthen classes, dance, and classes tailored especially for people as they get older. This little studio with heart is nestled in a cobblestone laneway just off Gooch Street right in the midst of the Thornbury shopping village in the north of Melbourne.

The studio invites all neighbourhood Thornbury inhabitants and those in the surrounding suburbs of Northcote, East Brunswick, and Preston to try the classes and experience the benefits. During Covid-19 lockdowns and gym closures, the studio began offering online classes via Zoom, which means you can do the classes wherever you are. It means Just Believe Fit is always “near me”!

The studio is perfect for people who don’t feel comfortable at the traditional gym. After all, it has a catchcry of ‘no blitz, no burn, no bootcamp!’ Instead, the classes are accessible, welcoming, and tailored to wherever you are on your exercise journey. Just beginning? No problem. We’ve got you.

One of the things that sets the studio apart is its connection to the local community. Founder Marisa Lawlor is committed to contributing to the local community and is passionate about the benefits of community and togetherness for Thornbury’s local residents.

At Just Believe Fit, our mat Pilates classes are designed to┬ástrengthen and tone the whole body. The exercises are intended to increase physical strength and core control, develop flexibility, and improve posture and muscular imbalances. The classes focus on dynamic exercises, and the mind-body connection using the breath, and are never the same. They are always challenging and there’s also a big component of fun, so you are sure to leave feeling good.

Sometimes the classes use Pilates props, such as the balls, bands, weights, rollers (or at-home equivalents) and the classes can be tailored to YOU! If you have recently had surgery, or have other issues, including shoulder, knee, and hip problems, the classes can accommodate these things, and can often even help with recovery. Just talk to a Just Believe Fit instructor prior to a class.

Pilates is also a wonderful antidote for hours spent sitting, and working from home, including stiffness, tension, and back tightness. Get help and support from your friendly neighbourhood Pilates class provider!

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