Outdoor Classes in Johnson Park

Are you ready to find a way of moving that your body will love and will
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Current from 1 March 2024

MONDAY 9.30 am Balance and Mobility for Older Adults

A class focused on balance and mobility for the demands of everyday life and for building confidence and resilience against falls. Each session introduces functional exercises for joint mobility, core stability, co-ordination, proprioception and weight transfer. We use chairs and a range of props to make this class accessible for different levels of ability.

MONDAY 6 pm Simply Stretch and Release

The perfect start to the week. Join us for a steady paced non-impact class which focuses purely on improving flexibility and ironing out the wrinkles in both mind and body. Utilising breath and slow, sustained flexibility exercises this class is suitable for all levels and particularly beneficial to people who find it difficult to incorporate stretching into their normal fitness routine. This class uses a variety of props including foam rollers and therabands to help deepen the stretch and release experience.

THURSDAY 10.00 AM Core Strength for Everyday Living

Suitable for all ages this class is focussed on creating core awareness and building the strength you need to be free moving for every day life. In addition to learning how to use your ‘powerhouse’, the session includes stretching, flexibility and joint mobility exercises which are integral to your body working efficiently as a whole. The class can be modified to use chairs and other props to suit different abilities.

SATURDAY 8.30 AM Pilates Flow in the Park

Get your oxygen and green space hit whilst building overall body, strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility. Flowing sequences build in intensity enabling participants to choose the level which best suits their needs on a given day. Bring a mat and water bottle. Insect repellent and sunscreen are also recommended.

Only $15/class. Bring a mat, water and wear runners. All other props are provided

Classes are dependent on the weather.

If the conditions aren’t suitable, class will be cancelled, participants notified through Bookamat and accounts reimbursed.