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Fun ways to fit the exercise you need into the time that you have

How often do you hear people say that one of the biggest barriers to exercise is TIME? Did your grandparents go to a gym? Did they get up at 5 am to get to an exercise class? Probably not, but at a guess, they probably also didn’t have a dishwasher, a robo-vacuum cleaner and cleaning chemicals that could remove grime in one swipe. Exercise for fitness wasn’t a thing because movement was built into everyday living.

Technological advancement and automation of every day tasks has robbed us of the physicality of life. They have created a need for us to add exercise into our day to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Ironically, the more time saving devices we have, the busier we become and the harder it is to use that saved time to undo the mental and physical stress of being busy! Yes, sadly this is a first world issue but it is our reality and one we can’t shy away from.

Maybe we don’t have to find more time, we just have to use the time we have more effectively. A creative mind set and a sense of humour could be the key to integrating simple flexibility, stability and strength exercises cumulatively into our day.

Stay with us over the next few weeks as we give you the starting points to think outside the square. Our Time Poor, Move More tips are just that. Fun ideas to pin a stretch, balance or strength move to an existing daily behaviour. No extra time needed. Be open to having a giggle as you go as this in itself is the best core workout you can get without any extra effort.

Time Poor Move More Tip One Brush and Balance

Time Poor Move More Tip Two Shower and Stretch

Time Poor Move More Tip Three Shake It Up

Time Poor Move More Tip Four Toilet Tick Tock

Time Poor Move More Tip Five Kitchen Sink Swing

Time Poor Move More Tip Six Microwave March

Time Poor Move More Tip Seven Bench Press and Stretch

Time Poor Move More Tip Eight Cooking Calf Raises

Time Poor Move More Tip Nine Clean Big

Time Poor Move More Tip Ten Over to You!