Let’s Twist Again: 3 Reasons Why Twisting is So Good

Joy gets her twisting on in Belinda’s Urban Retreat Session

1. Twists Boost Your Digestion

Twists aid digestion and help our food move along. If you have gut issues, twists can help with elimination (constipation) and bloating. Twists assist by increasing the circulation and energy to these areas.

2. Twists Keep Your Spine Healthy

The spine twists and regular twisting is essential to keep the vertebrae in the spine strong, and the muscles and tissues around the spine supple. So if there’s stiffness, the twists will increase motion, and decrease pain and discomfort.

3. Twists Neutralise the Body After Intense Poses

Twists help neutralise the body after intense poses like backbends or forward folds. We twist to restore balance in the body, particularly the spine and pelvis.

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