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Make Your Mornings Shine

Make Your Mornings Shine

Just Believe Fit instructor Cat Lane reveals how to make your mornings shine…

Personally, I can’t help but get a little bit excited when I think about the morning. The first few cracks of sunlight breaking over the horizon, and the sweet sounds of birds singing to each other. I savour the longer, quieter spaces between moving cars, and to walk down empty streets where big yellow sunlight streams in with bold hope for a new day. Wait a minute – is this a dream? Or have I just woken up?

While the idea of fresh starts and bountiful mornings can seem exciting in theory; cue the summer holidays, and every New Year’s Resolution to live your best life, the reality of most mornings is a brutal ricochet into reality much faster than we appreciate. A moment that signifies we aren’t resting as much we want/need to be. Mornings can sometimes mean waking up with eyes that feel as though they’ve been glued shut with sand, a loss of feeling in the left arm, and a mouth disturbingly attached to the pillow. (Did I overshare?)

A particularly common morning experience of mine is to wake with a sudden bolt of adrenaline, followed by an explosive stream of thoughts detailing every job ever noted on my to-do list. Perhaps you can relate.

By and large, I’ve noticed I don’t seem to have much control over how I wake up, however, I do have control as to what happens next. I’ve realised through experience that I can steer the direction of my day through my actions, instead of swimming (sometimes drowning) in my feelings. More importantly, I can take action that means something to me. I have a choice. Part of my choice is to have a morning routine. A small process that I practise every day.

I keep it small so it’s easy. Easy enough to out-do even the hardest mornings.

The most important part of my morning routine is Mindful Movement. I don’t hit the gym, go for a run or ride the bike (I’m not a saint). I start by sitting down. Wait for it. I start by sitting down to be still enough to find the movement of my breath. I zoom inwards to find the physical experience of the breath moving through my body. Sometimes I listen to the sound of my breath, other times I choose to count my breaths. In doing this, I press pause on all outside responsibilities and am responsible to myself. I connect to my innermost sense of self.

So let’s break that down a little more.

Step 1. Wake Up

Step 2. Sit Down

Step 3. Find my Breath.

And yes, it’s that easy. I sit down, and concentrate all my attention on finding my breath, and I’m done. I’ve checked-in with myself. I’ve connected to myself. Not the self I think I should be, but the self that is here in the present moment. Most of the time that’s all it takes to reset my morning. To make it my own.

There are, albeit, a few other things I try to include in my morning routine. I often journal, drink coffee, sometimes fit in some yoga. But really, the most important part of the morning is the moment I give in to myself. When was the last time you gave your attention back to yourself?

To help each other create the space, make the moment, and stay accountable to taking care of our health you can join my LIVE ONLINE Yoga classes every Monday and Friday morning at 6.30am through Just Believe Fit Online Classes. These 30 minute LIVE ONLINE offerings are just the right amount of time to pause, and move from within at the start, and end of your week. To book visit justbelieve.com.au or send me a message, and let’s make our mornings a little better together.

Cat’s morning flow yoga classes are part of the Just Believe Fit ONLINE WORK WELL morning classes. Our WORK WELL program consists of 30 min express classes held live every morning at 6.30 am and sent to you as a recording to do again or at a time that fits with your timetable.

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