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Reclaim YOU and Find Your Inner Spark

Reclaim YOU and Find Your Inner Spark

RECLAIMING YOU by Jeanette Herrington is a simple wellness guide for health and happiness for women heading past their mid-forties.

Easy to read and relate to, this book offers wonderful ‘take what you need’ words of advice and wisdom for our forty-plus sisterhood.

Sample an extract from the book here, and find out how you can score a free copy.

“Begin with the end in mind” ~ Stephen Covey

What do I do now? After developing conscious awareness and committing to the process of change around your health, you may be wondering where to start?

In today’s world of fast, instant solutions, it can be tempting to jump straight into a new routine before exploring your WHY reasons in-depth, particularly if you are feeling pumped up and ready to roll. You may wonder why this is necessary if you already think you know what you want. For example:
I’ve joined the gym to get fit because I get puffed out walking to the letterbox, so I already know why I want to get fit! Can’t we skip the paperwork and ‘why’ conversation and get on with it? Just point me in the direction of the next available treadmill!

I have used an example of the gym, but this could relate to any new behaviour change where we finally feel ready to commit to the process and feel impatient to get moving. We want results NOW!

I have observed this scenario at the gym when eager new members join up. They are enthusiastic and proud of finally getting themselves there to take the plunge. There’s a little paperwork to get out of the way first. They need to reveal their medical history and medications, ‘Have you ever felt light-headed …? Check all the little boxes … Tick, tick, tick. Almost done. They have a quick chat and set three goals to work on. All organised and sounds good — right? Ready, set … ‘NOW can I get on the treadmill?’ NO! Hold your horses — not YET!

I understand their impatience. After all, isn’t it important just to get started? Yes, getting started IS fantastic and they can feel proud and confident to take those first steps. There’s just one thing …
Many people will start a new health kick full of enthusiasm and good intent, then quit after a few weeks or months. I have seen these trends at the gym, a few months after the January surge of new sign-ups. Often those people keep their membership going long after they quit turning up, at some level believing they will resume, and so statistics can be unreliable.

So why do people quit behaviours linked to a new routine that they had previously thought were a great idea? There are many reasons for quitting, and some of these even happen at a subconscious level. It is beyond my scope of expertise to speculate on the science behind it, however I do have firsthand experience in helping my clients achieve lasting benefits and not quit!

I want to share one of the big reasons that people quit or lose momentum … drum roll please! It is because they have not set up strong foundations at the beginning of their journey to bring purpose and meaning to their behaviours and goals. This can be the difference between a quick fix and long-term success.

Okay, so can we quickly set up the ‘strong foundations’ and get cracking? What ARE they and how much time will it take?

Strong foundations are a framework to set you up for the future, to maximise your success. It involves:

  • Exploring your own big WHY reason
  • Creating a vision
  • Reinforcing it to your brain
  • Developing a system that includes goal setting and behaviour change through habits and daily actionable steps.

If you use an effective method of exploring your vision before setting goals and practising new behaviours, you are less likely to quit!


Would you like to read on and find out more?

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