How to Discover the Joy of Exercise As You Get Older

Have you reached an age where you would like to focus more on the benefits of exercise to keep your body fit and free moving? Do you need a bit of help to get going? We invited our regular Mature Movers at Just Believe Fit to share ideas on what motivates them and what advice […]

What is the best exercise to do as I get older?

Ageing is not a limitation on exercising, it is simply another criteria to consider in our search for safe, functional and sustainable movement programs. Of course you can exercise and stay in shape as you get older. Of course you can try new programs or different types of exercise. And, of course there are going […]

Why DANCE offers more than just improving FITNESS for older adults.

The Just Believe Fit dance class ‘FIND YOUR GROOVE’ for mature movers is joyful in more ways than one. Class teacher, the beautiful Joy, brings a wealth of dance experience as well as her joyful exuberance to the sessions. Here she talks about the benefits of dance, her own experience, and the unexpected joy in […]


Do you want to lose weight?

At Just Believe Fit, we believe it’s time for you to start GAINING, not losing. Let us explain. It’s not that you won’t lose weight by starting to move and doing these classes. It’s just we don’t want you to focus on losing when you come to Just Believe Fit. We want you to focus […]

Here’s Some Inspiration for You Mature Movers!

This month, a women’s over-80s running-relay team set a world record at the ACT Masters Athletics Club in Canberra. How inspiring is that? The women talk about starting athletics later in life and the benefits, proving it’s never too late to start your movement journey. Movement has a multitude of benefits for the mature mover. […]

Reclaim YOU and Find Your Inner Spark

RECLAIMING YOU by Jeanette Herrington is a simple wellness guide for health and happiness for women heading past their mid-forties. Easy to read and relate to, this book offers wonderful ‘take what you need’ words of advice and wisdom for our forty-plus sisterhood. Sample an extract from the book here, and find out how you […]

Don’t Fight a Maturing Body; Celebrate it.

To be given the opportunity to become older is a privilege, not a predicament. So why do we feel the pressure to defy and stave off the process? Do you sometimes look to the past to bemoan what you no longer have in the present? I used to be able to run 10km and then […]

Ageing is a privilege not a predicament

Ageing is a privilege, not a predicament. Do you sometimes look to the past to bemoan what you no longer have in the present? I used to have defined abdominal muscles and I used to be able to run a half marathon That was then. Now my core is strong but nicely insulated by some […]

Roll Back the Clock with Marisa and Bowls Australia

For those of you who wonder what Just Believe Fit’s Marisa gets up to when she is not running Just Believe Fit … here is a little insight… Roll Back the Clock is the result of a Just Believe Fit partnership with Bowls Australia. This program aims to boost physical activity rates among Australians aged 65 […]